There’s a lot to do around Kings Cross

Today I explored the Kings cross area. Firstly I went to Drink, Shop & Do, a hidden jem.

As soon as I entered Drink, Shop&Do, I knew that it was my kind of joint. I loved the hand painted walls. I’d love to hand paint the walls in my bedroom one day.


There was some very interesting decorations.



The vegan food was fantastic.  I chose the vegan sandwich, salad and lemonade! The plate is so retro, I love it!


After lunch, I went to the House of Illustration. House of Illustration is located near Central St Martins.

I saw the work of Jo Brocklehurst, Linda Kitson, Quentin Blake and Nous Vous Collective( Jay Cover, William Luz and Nicholas Burrows ). I was impressed with the work on show and the galleries focus on Illustration. I worked with Nous Vous on a University project a years ago. It was very exciting to see their new work.

I loved Jo Brocklehurst’s Alice in Wonderland artworks. The neon colour palettes were very striking.


Nous Vous’s Three Men in a Boat collection. I liked the made in China detail , it was funny. The texture of the image was very interesting and intriguing.


There were twelve Illustrations of Jerome K Jerome’s novel Three Men in a Boat. The Illustrations were created using a self -built, three person drawing machine.


I bought a print for my wall.


Thank you!


The Barn by Sarah Collins

Today , I went to The Barn by Sarah Collins, a gift fair situated in Wheathampstead. Wheathampstead is a quaint and charming village in Hertfordshire, The United Kingdom.

Beautiful countryside scenery close to the gift fair.  The weather was perfect.



There were two shops selling homewares, food , handmade gifts, accessories, jewellery and clothing.

The Rustic Barns from outside.


Currently there is a special Easter event. Where they are selling Easter themed decorations, which is open from 23rd March to 15th April on Thursday to Sundays at 10am to 5pm. If you enjoy seasonal events and are in the area, go and have a look!

The staff offer you a free tea or coffee for visiting, and yes they have soy milk!


Charming vintage style sign.


Selection of organic and handmade food products and teas.


Interesting sculpture made out of wood.


Fun and colourful artwork by Sarah Collins.



More artwork and an interesting table, which looked like a car or a tractor.


Comfortable chair.


Unique items for sale.


Cute pillow by Sam Wilson, a luxury homeware brand inspired by the British Countryside.  I really love this quirky print, its perfect for Easter.


There were lots of Humorous gifts in the store.


After visiting the gift fair, we went for lunch at the Oxscale restaurant in Church Street, Wheathampstead.


The inside of the restaurant was stunning and very riveting. We went in the restaurant just before lunch time, so it was really quiet. On the weekends the restaurant gets very busy.



I loved the bowler hat lights. What a fun and quintessentially British  idea.


To drink, I ordered some Victorian Lemonade by Fentimans. They also sell a really good Rose Lemonade, which you can buy from most supermarkets in The U.K.


To eat, I ordered the mushroom bruschetta  from the Vegetarian menu and a side of Garlic and Thyme fries. The food was really delicious and the service was fast.


I really liked this duck clip! I’d love to have one of these.


After lunch, we went for a walk. There was a wedding being held at the church.



I bought some Lavender/ Detox bath salts by Park Beauty. Park Beauty is a skincare brand and salon based in Redbourn in Hertfordshire . I really liked this hand drawn flyer by Sarah Collins, which has inspired me to paint again.


Thank you, see you soon.

Vegan milkshake- raspberry and banana

Sorry it’s been ages since I last posted here. Today I will share a recipe with you. This is my own recipe for a vegan, raspberry and banana milkshake, which I  think works and I use regularly. It tastes very sweet!


One handful to one and a half handfuls( it will get a lot pinker) of raspberries

One banana chopped

1-2 spoonfuls of plain Alpro soy yogurt

a cup of Alpro soy milk ( I used the almond flavored milk but any type should be ok)

optional:  I added chopped almonds


1. Add all of the ingredients into a plastic container like so

2. I used a handheld blender to blend all of the ingredients together, until it’s as smooth as you can get it!


It’s finished! Enjoy your milkshake!



Waffles at The Waffle House

I went to The Waffle House, a restaurant in St Albans. The Waffle House serves lots of different types of Sweet and Savory waffles. There are many vegetarian dishes.

The old building which used to be a water mill.


The first waffle I ordered was a Savory Waffle ( hummus, avocado,cress, olives, tomatoes and chili. It tasted really yummy. I enjoyed the taste of the hummus and chili together.


There was also a cheese and mushroom waffles that my companion ordered.


To finish I ordered the chocolate waffle for dessert. The restaurant  also serves a banoffee waffle which is really good and a bit more interesting but I ordered it the last time I came to The Waffle House and wanted to try something different.


This is is one of my favourite restaurants in The U.K. I would definitely recommend it , if you love waffles.

The food is delicious, the location is right near a relaxing park thriving with wildlife and the service is great.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

Three Wise Monkeys Vintage Emporium


Yesterday, I went to the Three Wise Monkeys Vintage Emporium.  Located in Hertfordshire. The Emporium wasn’t far from my hometown.

The scenery on the way to the Emporium was very beautiful and the atmosphere was quiet but the country roads were very bumpy and narrow. I felt a bit car sick.


The outside of the building, what used to be a Saddlery.  There were also Osprey homeware and fashion stores. The outside is really muddy, make sure you wear wellies.


This bell was interesting.


Signs leading to the Emporium. I liked the handrawn typography.



The outside of the Emporium.


A close up of the monkey sign. The monkeys were funny looking and the rocking horse was really creepy.


Another sign for the shop which looked a bit ‘twee’.


There was a cute cafe serving tea and cake. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go there. The cafe closes at 4pm and I arrived too late.


There were lots of exciting and intriguing objects.



A very pretty tea set, perfect for a tea party.


Old and adorable toys looking for new homes. I like how the pig is suspiciously hiding a bottle under his clothes.


This dolls house was my favourite antique.


Upstairs were more treasures.

Crazy, colorful knitted bears.


Old vinyl records. I wished I had bought a vinyl record player, so I could play these.


There were also vintage clothes from Little Viking Vintage . It was a very small shop. The clothes were tightly packed together but it wasn’t busy so I had the whole shop to myself. There were lots of accessories, dresses jackets and coats but not that many blouses.


I purchased this red and black 1950’s jacket from Little Viking Vintage for £35.00. I am really pleased with it, the jacket is really comfortable and I like the black and red colour combination.



Overall , I had a really enjoyable visit. My only negative point would be that there were not as many vintage clothes as I thought there would be. There were a lot more antiques then clothing. Even though I didn’t buy any antiques it was still an interesting experience to look at them.

I would recommend visiting the Emporium in the morning  so that you can enjoy tea and homemade cake at the cafe.

Thank you for reading!

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

A while ago I went to the Sanderson Hotel in London for the ‘Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea’ which celebrated the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.  I don’t usually see a lot of themed food sets in The U.K , so I was intrigued to venture down the rabbit hole and see what it was all about. The hotel is located close to Oxford Circus station and Tottenham Court Road station.

This is the outside of the hotel.


The inside of the hotel was very modern and minimalistic.


Where we sat, the atmosphere was very relaxed and classy.


The ‘Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea’ was an afternoon tea set with a Savory and Sweet menu. It was a set price, so you could have as much as you wanted and you were allowed to stay at the table for two hours maximum.

There were five different kinds of Sanderson exclusive tea. Each tea was displayed in an Alice in Wonderland esque glass bottle, named after a character from Alice in Wonderland.

Alice, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter. There were also cards with the information about each tea printed on them. I tried all of the tea. I thought that the Mad Hatter tea was the best , as I enjoyed the aroma of the green tea blend.


The tea was served in a stylish teapot. I was wondering where I could purchase the china.




The first course was the Savory course, which wasn’t themed This included the following;

Scottish smoked salmon, quail egg and caviar scotch egg
Wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croque-monsieur
Cornish crab and herb eclair
Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on fresh lime bread.

I didn’t eat the croque-monsieur because I don’t eat meat but I eat fish. I ended up giving them to my meat eating companion.  My favourite item from the Savory menu was the Scottish smoked salmon, quail egg and caviar scotch egg. It was so delicious that I ordered another helping.


Following this came my favourite part of The Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea which was the Sweet course. This themed course was absolutely stunning and was presented in an intriguing and exciting manner.




The Sweet course included a variety of different sweet foods;

The Blue Caterpillar, Wonderlands magic marshmallow mushrooms,  The White Rabbit ‘s pocket watch macaroon( coffee flavored), Red velvet Ladybird, Banana bread-and-butterly, The Queen of Hearts Oreo cookie soldier,
Alice’s drink me potion and a selection of scones.

My plate looked so colourful


I enjoyed everything but my favourite sweet item ‘taste wise’ was Alice’s drink me potion. The flavour was very sweet, I liked the way it was served  and it was easy to eat. The blue caterpillar tasted great but it was really easy to get blue everywhere so be careful.


Lastly to finish of the extravaganza I was presented with a surprise ice cream style dessert


A lot of effort had been made into the appearance , there were a lot of fine details. The musical box sugar case was adorable.


In conclusion I really enjoyed my experience and I would definitely go again. This was the best themed Afternoon Tea that I have ever been to. The staff were very friendly and helpful.     My only criticism would be that the interior was not Alice in Wonderland themed. It would have been interesting to see that. Finally my outfit

hat: vintage

scarf: Vivienne Westwood

cardigan: Axes Femme

coat: Axes Femme

tights: off brand

bag: Disney

shoes: Axes Femme


 Bye for now!