There’s a lot to do around Kings Cross

Today I explored the Kings cross area. Firstly I went to Drink, Shop & Do, a hidden jem.

As soon as I entered Drink, Shop&Do, I knew that it was my kind of joint. I loved the hand painted walls. I’d love to hand paint the walls in my bedroom one day.


There was some very interesting decorations.



The vegan food was fantastic.  I chose the vegan sandwich, salad and lemonade! The plate is so retro, I love it!


After lunch, I went to the House of Illustration. House of Illustration is located near Central St Martins.

I saw the work of Jo Brocklehurst, Linda Kitson, Quentin Blake and Nous Vous Collective( Jay Cover, William Luz and Nicholas Burrows ). I was impressed with the work on show and the galleries focus on Illustration. I worked with Nous Vous on a University project a years ago. It was very exciting to see their new work.

I loved Jo Brocklehurst’s Alice in Wonderland artworks. The neon colour palettes were very striking.


Nous Vous’s Three Men in a Boat collection. I liked the made in China detail , it was funny. The texture of the image was very interesting and intriguing.


There were twelve Illustrations of Jerome K Jerome’s novel Three Men in a Boat. The Illustrations were created using a self -built, three person drawing machine.


I bought a print for my wall.


Thank you!


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