Waffles at The Waffle House

I went to The Waffle House, a restaurant in St Albans. The Waffle House serves lots of different types of Sweet and Savory waffles. There are many vegetarian dishes.

The old building which used to be a water mill.


The first waffle I ordered was a Savory Waffle ( hummus, avocado,cress, olives, tomatoes and chili. It tasted really yummy. I enjoyed the taste of the hummus and chili together.


There was also a cheese and mushroom waffles that my companion ordered.


To finish I ordered the chocolate waffle for dessert. The restaurant  also serves a banoffee waffle which is really good and a bit more interesting but I ordered it the last time I came to The Waffle House and wanted to try something different.


This is is one of my favourite restaurants in The U.K. I would definitely recommend it , if you love waffles.

The food is delicious, the location is right near a relaxing park thriving with wildlife and the service is great.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!


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