Three Wise Monkeys Vintage Emporium


Yesterday, I went to the Three Wise Monkeys Vintage Emporium.  Located in Hertfordshire. The Emporium wasn’t far from my hometown.

The scenery on the way to the Emporium was very beautiful and the atmosphere was quiet but the country roads were very bumpy and narrow. I felt a bit car sick.


The outside of the building, what used to be a Saddlery.  There were also Osprey homeware and fashion stores. The outside is really muddy, make sure you wear wellies.


This bell was interesting.


Signs leading to the Emporium. I liked the handrawn typography.



The outside of the Emporium.


A close up of the monkey sign. The monkeys were funny looking and the rocking horse was really creepy.


Another sign for the shop which looked a bit ‘twee’.


There was a cute cafe serving tea and cake. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go there. The cafe closes at 4pm and I arrived too late.


There were lots of exciting and intriguing objects.



A very pretty tea set, perfect for a tea party.


Old and adorable toys looking for new homes. I like how the pig is suspiciously hiding a bottle under his clothes.


This dolls house was my favourite antique.


Upstairs were more treasures.

Crazy, colorful knitted bears.


Old vinyl records. I wished I had bought a vinyl record player, so I could play these.


There were also vintage clothes from Little Viking Vintage . It was a very small shop. The clothes were tightly packed together but it wasn’t busy so I had the whole shop to myself. There were lots of accessories, dresses jackets and coats but not that many blouses.


I purchased this red and black 1950’s jacket from Little Viking Vintage for £35.00. I am really pleased with it, the jacket is really comfortable and I like the black and red colour combination.



Overall , I had a really enjoyable visit. My only negative point would be that there were not as many vintage clothes as I thought there would be. There were a lot more antiques then clothing. Even though I didn’t buy any antiques it was still an interesting experience to look at them.

I would recommend visiting the Emporium in the morning  so that you can enjoy tea and homemade cake at the cafe.

Thank you for reading!


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